Directors Desk

Embracing innovations through experiences & ideas, Manvi Institute of Education and Technology has grown from strength to strength and emerged as an iconic centre of learning owing to the indefatigable exertion.    

The college is constantly evolving, improving and updating itself to be one-up against the challenges of a swiftly changing world environment with globalization and advancements in the social, technological, economical and political landscapes. It becomes imperative for us to acquire new ways of thinking and new concepts and perceiving reality. This paradigm towards a new World Order compels us to ‘Innovate’. That is why we at Manvi Institute of Education and Technology are always taking the challenges, finding opportunities and devising changes to foster developments. We believe in adjusting the existing educational systems that is universal and holistic, thus making every student a ‘Global’ student. I express my whole hearted gratitude for the purposeful involvement and unstinting support of the members of MIET. I appreciate the sincere and dedicated teaching & non teaching staff members who preserve and perpetuate the core values of this college from year to year. I acknowledge the diligent and unrelenting endeavourer of the students who deserve special commendation for their exemplary performance in academics and Para- academics. Empowered with a perfect blend of heart and brain, positive attitude, aesthetic sensibility and exceptional communication skills, our students are committed to nation building, upliftment of the society and promotion of human values. Lastly I bow my head in veneration to Almighty God for bestowing courage, strength and opportunity to impart education and shape the future of students.


K.C. Malik
Gold medalist, Retd. Associate Professor, Delhi University
Director (MIET)